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HARTING Components for optical Data Transmission | Malaysia | Authorized Distributors

HARTING as a system supplier can offer in the fibre optical segment a huge portfolio of components for optical data transmission. Solutions are available for optical transmission based on plastic fibres as well as glass fibres.
Used within the well-known robust Han® industrial connectors range the fibre optic components are suitable for harshest industrial environments.

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Product families

Hybrid Connectors
The Han-Brid® series allows the connection of a data interface and a power supply in a single space saving connector :-
The extremely compact connectors in the Han-Brid® series are designed to serve as a data and power interface. Equipped with data and power lines, they permit easy wiring of communication devices.
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Connectors for Outdoor Solutions
combination of the reliable HARTING PushPull technology with the Han® 3 A housings :

The innovative HARTING PushPull technology and the classic Han® 3 A housings in IP 65/67 since long proved themselves under harshest environmental conditions thanks to their high protection level and a robust design.The selected materials and the special manufacturing processes allow the use of the connectors under such environmental conditions that are also characterized through extreme fluctuations of temperature, high ozon levels and ultraviolet irradiation.
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Electro-Optic converters
For short range transmission with optical fibres and polymer optical fibres :-For short range transmission with optical fibres and polymer optical fibres.details:• Transmission distance up to 60 m• Suitable for 1 mm Ø polymer optical fibres(λ = 660 nm)• Electro-optical converters integrated intoD-Sub connector shell housings• Electro-optic converters integrated inmulti-mode connectors.

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Tools and Accessories
The tools of the HARTING F.O. tool kit are suitable for the installation of F.O. connectors in site conditions :-


Single Connector for Polymer Fibres (POF)
Connectors with HARTING quick-assembly technique :-
Advantages:• No special tools necessary• Quick, cost-effective assembly• No crimping, no glueing• Fixed connection due to metallic type• Suitable for 1 mm polymer fibre 2.2 mm jacket.


Fibre Optic Cable
For internal and external applications with polymer fibres (POF):-For internal and external applications with polymer fibres (POF).details:• Robust and cost-effective alternative to standard glass fibres• SI-fibre with 980 µm PMMA-core• For short distance transmission up to 100 m• Operating wave length 660 nm• Easy mechanical crimp technology.

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